Saturday, March 21, 2009

No poems...

Nobody’s writing love songs
that nobody wants to sing
No midnight dedications
on the radio for me
There’ll be no journal entries
that anybody wants to write
And nobody’s writing poems
for me tonight...

Nobody’s hanging pictures
on newly painted walls
Nobody’s missing footsteps
down their empty halls
Nobody’s selling nothing
that nobody ever needs
And nobody’s writing poems
that I’ll ever read...

Nobody’s looking up to Heaven
to wish on a lucky star
Nobody’s shedding tears
for my broken heart
Nobody’s thinking of me
before they go to sleep
And nobody’s writing poems
for me to keep...


Chef E said...

I am jealous, you are writing, or maybe this is one of the older ones you mention, but I am not producing. I think my negative lately has replaced the words...

dash deringer said...

write about the negative - it might help to get it out of your system

Shupe said...

I agree to writing about the negative to get it out of your system. Nothing better than a keyboard and your thoughts- or even better a great pencil and book to jot them down in- Note to self- need a new one! :)
Miss you Dash! Glad to see you're still writing though! I think I've become insane as of late- with no job to focus on!

dash deringer said...

welcome to my world - I have no job... and I may be insane, though I think I was insane before I ended up with no job... by no job I mean I do not work for some one else. I find clients and make my own opportunities and am self sufficient - just turned 40 and it took this long to learn the secrets of producing money - wish they taught me that at school...but I had to learn it from the underground... everybody seems to be going through negative periods lately... what's the deal - is it in the water... the economy... what?

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Hay que seguir escribiendo canciones de amor. Siempre habrá alguien que quiera cantarlas, escucharlas, y que lleguen a su corazón... y si no fuera así servirán para abrir y curar el de aquel que las escribe.