Thursday, January 1, 2009

She's looking for something

She’s looking for something that she can’t explain
She’s looking for someone with a different name
She wants him to be
anybody but me
And she’s looking for him
some place I’ve never been
She wants him to be some kind of star
She wants him to drive some fancy car
She’s hoping that he
is going to be found
Someplace wherever
I’m not around
She’s looking for a hero to put out the fire
Some angel or saint to calm her desire
And she wants to wake up
in some other place
Where she wont have to
Remember my face-


Lena Wayback said...

Do you think she will find him? Or come to learn that he was already there and she left him?

Chef E said...

Nicely reflective...I watched the video earlier after I commented...she seems young and seemed to have a hard time being totally honest with herself and observation...

Shupe said...

I agree with Heather-
I think after time has passed- she will regret it~
Noticed the new haircut too! :)

Love the words together-
Hoping you'll be all perky and dashy Dash again soon!

I'll give you the white- and I'll keep the red!

take care

writingfool said...

sad and true...and familiar...
i am one of the fortunate few, Poet
it took years and a failed marriage for me to forget an old lover and to find the true one for whom i'd searched
as it turned out, he'd been my friend for over 20 years
guess sometimes we don't see the lovers for the tangles of arms and legs and the wilderness of whispered lies...