Monday, January 19, 2009

I want to run with wild horses

I want to run with wild horses
I want to fly among the stars
I want to know if true love lives
In the valleys of your heart
I want to laugh like thunder
And pour down on you like rain
Leave all God’s creatures in wonder
When all the heavens know my name

I want to chase phantom ships with dolphins
And learn the secrets of the sea
Hold back the tides and strange winds
Until you belong to me
I want to ride the lightning
That flashes in your eyes
And leave an army of angels sighing
Like clouds melting in the sky


Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Un hermoso poema, bello paralelismo entre naturaleza y sentimientos

Chef E said...

How beautiful...

writingfool said...

Your restless heart takes you wherever you wish to go, Poet;
I wish you the thrill of your dreams and the satisfaction of their realization.
May the angels sigh and the sky melt for you and the one who awaits you, wherever she may be...
she is waiting...

All my best hopes for you.