Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lost in translation...tonight I can write the saddest lines...

...and here is the unaltered original short film...


Chef E said...

Dash- I found that I started writing a poem to the first one. Andy Garcia does have that soothing latin voice...

I realize men have an attraction to Kiera Knightly, but I find her (I am attracted to women, am bi) to waff...I feel really thin women just do not look happy, and I have seen her in interviews, she is cute, bubbly and very talkative...just wish she would eat something...maybe the chef in me too, lol

Are these your paintings on the site? I admire detailed, portrait, oil painters...I myself, self taught, and will post a few of my works...


Chef E said...

...and I do get 'Lost in translation'...and all the videos.

Christo Gonzales said...

where is Duke City - that used to be Albuquerque....

Chef E said...

Well even if it was something I recognized people use psudeo names, like I do with my art (paintings)...

I do not know you fully, and am not assuming your art speaks for you...I just find it mysterious and one would think of an that is just me :)

Shupe said...

I adore how you see further into the films that the advertisers- poem fit perfectly in telling a story along with.

hope all is well in your end of the valley

writingfool said...

Poet, although there are those of us--"women of an uncertain age" the French call us--who need no augmentation of our femininity, we have the wisdom to understand that Chanel could work a kind of subtle magic which men could appreciate.

true beauty is subtle
wise men are drawn to it
they are tempted by it
many succumb to it
the lift of a delicate eyebrow
the slightest smile
a breath caught unawares
is all it takes
fingers resting lightly upon
the back of his neck
his wrist
any skin left vulnrable
his attention thus gained
the magic begins
the dress the shoes
the baubles
all the accessories
lovely and enticing to behold
exist for but one reason
to be removed