Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trapped in your arms

I want to be trapped in your arms
Like the wind caught in your hair
I want to be the missing piece
That has always been there
I want to be the secret
Hidden in your soul
I want to be the dream
You can never let go
I want to be the words
That you long to hear
I want to be the whisper
To silence all your fears
I want to be the star
You wish upon the midnight blue
I want to be the angel
That makes your dreams come true


Lena Wayback said...

foxfd (today's non-word verification)

I couldn't view the video. Lag, keeps stopping and starting. I'll be back later to check it out.

Really? Spandau Ballet?

"Why do I find it hard to write the next line,when I want the truth to be said"

dash deringer said...

yes, that Spandau Ballet.

Shupe said...

okay- I sang along!

I love that song!

calar is my word verification to make sure that I too am human!

how's the snow on your end? I'm still haunted by yesterday!

Chef E said...

I enjoyed watching that song sung by the original artist...I run an open mic and we have a guy Joe Cerisano who comes and performs his original music you would recognize and it is amazing to see how they intended it to be...