Friday, December 12, 2008

She Wears Paris

for Danielle

She wears diamonds and not much to bed
She thinks angels dance inside her head
She drinks whiskey and smokes cigarettes
She laughs at headlines and has no regrets

She likes Bon-Jovi in the morning and Pavarotti at night
Has to have the last word and she’s always right
She likes Italian operas and setting alone in the dark
And she wears Paris when she breaks his heart

She’s silk and leather, velvet and lace
The Wall Street Journal and Lost in Space
Chivas Regal and Edgar Alan Poe
With Billie Holiday when she feels alone

She is all woman and she needs a real man
But she’ll leave him begging because she knows she can
She’s always in control right from the start
And she wears Paris when she breaks his heart

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I need to learn your trick on the auto list for your followers! :)