Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some kisses...

Some kisses are thunder
Some kisses are rain
Some kisses leave me
Not knowing my name
Some kisses are roses
Innocent and pure
Some are wild orchids
Whose spell has no cure
Some kisses are rivers
Of desire and lust
Some kisses leave your heart
Crumbled to dust
Some kisses are fire
Some kisses are snow
Some kisses are dreams
You can never let go
Some kisses are magic
- A gift from above
Some come like a curse
- But only one is true love.


Lena Wayback said...

Many affair begin with just a kiss.

And ya know they're very special gestures of affection when Hershey names a candy after it.

I'm still waiting for the Hershey blowjob to be unveiled! Little cream inside. Yeah, now we're talking.

Sorry, I digress.

Have a supersized happy meal kinda weekend Dash! xx

Shupe said...


I believe I had the same expression on my face -
That awwwwwwwe moment.

Still my favorite top 10 favorites in life.