Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I choose this style...

I'll take Ralph Fiennes wardrobe from "The Avengers" - please...


Anonymous said...

the pen stripes, the crisp hankerchief but my favorite is the umbrella

Anonymous said...

The Florence Files

Blog Entry # whatever

I'm thinking about starting my own blog. If I do, I'm taking the name with me. --- heads up

Let's begin Now . . .

You know today I just woke up and I said
You know instead of waitin' on a good day
Waitin' around through up's and down's waitin
On something to happen I just say

We're gonna have
We're gonna have
We're gonna have a good day
And all my homies gonna ride today
And all these mommies look fly today
And all we wanna do is get by today

Heyyy,We're gonna have a good day
And ain't nobody gotta cry today
Cause ain't nobody gonna die today
Save that drama for another day
Heyyy we're gonna have a good day

Good Day, Nappy Roots

dash deringer said...

give a link to that blog - I might not comment much... but let me know...