Thursday, July 16, 2015

Random notebook drawings

pencil and marker
Victor Vogt

a while back I had an idea for a short series for the Deringer Files - I finally got around to sketching out some characters... did these drawings while waiting on someone... I don't know how long it will take me to complete this short comic... or if it will ever happen... but I guess I can always just work on it while I wait on others to finish their work so that I can finish mine... or I could lock myself up and work on it till it's done... but I am working on a project call "Dragon Song"... and I am getting obsessed with it... like I have not been with anything in a while... 

That comic would simply be called "Deringer Files" - most of my ideas are best left in the ideas notebook... I have a bad habit of starting a project and letting it go when the inspiration slows down... I want to finish them all... but I know I need to work them one at a time... well... I am currently working on several things at a time - I don't just make money one project at a time... just another reason why I need lots of alone time...

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