Sunday, March 15, 2015

Te quiero a las diez de la mañana


Anonymous said...

Entries are there now. I've figured out how to view previous entries, post pictures with my entries. It's a learning process. I tried the name Florence Files but I can't find that journal. The journal that I'm using now was set up using facebook.
I would love to rename it at a future date.

I took your advice--it was good. I have a journal now. My audience will grow in time but I don't care right now. I also copied my entries from your blog--my blog within your blog.

BTW, I don't speak Spanish--neither did Scarlett. I consider a disadvantage. The video is still nice.

Anonymous said...

I will sometimes read your blog in the future when I get in the mood to read about your many conquests of women and your poetry about them. I will make few, if any, comments. I've copied enough from your blog already. haha

I will be too busy writing in my journal--many thanks to you. My writing now has a place of it's own. This is good bye.