Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Tell You It's True

If I had wings I wouldn’t fly to Heaven
For Heaven for me is to be by your side
If I had to cross a thousand deserts
Your love would be the ocean in my mind
If there was just one wish I was granted
I’d wish you all the joy in the world
And if my soul has to live another life time
I’d come back as an oyster if you’d come back as my pearl

If the world was destroyed by demons and angels
And all that we know falls apart
I’d make you the queen of my own chaos
To rule in the empire of my heart
If there’s ever to much sorrow for you to swallow
I’ll give you my laughter and I’ll eat your pain
If I ever find Razziel’s book of magic
You’ll be a valley of orchids and I’ll be the rain

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