Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Chihuahua Charlie's Song

I wont write you another love song
I think it’s time that I moved on
Hope you found someone to run to
Hope your demons have all gone
I spend my nights dreaming of Paris
And the one that got away
Because I was still clinging to your lips
And the love we never made
All the times I never held you
All the things we never said
All the dreams that did not come true
Our nights of battle in my bed

Well I got drunk and wrote some love songs
That I never sent to you
But I hope you’re doing all right
Hope you found a new dream or two
Someone said that you looked happy
In the arms of your new friend
And my life is just a rumor
That I’ve got plenty of love to lend
But all the hands that reach out to hold me
All the lips that are touching mine
Aren’t as soft as the ones in my dreams
The ones I had to leave behind
And all the smiles that steal a heart beat
All the pretty girls I make cry
Don’t have the seas of Heaven in their eyes
Like the ones where I want to die

No, this is not another love song
I didn’t give it all I’ve got
It’s still hard for me to be strong
But Johnny Walker helps a lot
And all the girls at Chihuahua Charlie’s
Don’t know what I feel inside
But they can get me through the evening
As long as my heart has a place to hide
But they can’t stop my soul from melting
Or turn my blood to gold
Stop the seas from raging
Or bring back the dreams you stole
They can’t even get me to Paris
For the salvation that I need
Or at least tell me all the right lies
That will have the rest of me freed

I wont write you another love song
At least not till tomorrow night...

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