Friday, April 4, 2014


Amanda Vasquez

I’d lock you up in my heart’s cage
Protect you from the flames that rage
inside your mind, from age to age...
But who would save the world?...

I’d keep you in my arms to hold
Give you my tears to turn to gold
and never let you ever grow old...
But who would save the world?...

I gave you my sadness, you gave me your smile
For this I’ve crossed hundreds of miles
Loving you silently all the while
Because you’ve saved MY world.

And when you think of your splendid muse
know that although her love you can’t lose
she has to go on and sadly refuse...
For who would save the world?
received: 3/31/2001
The only poem a women has ever written me
and to this day, the best damn rejection I have ever 
been given from any woman...

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