Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what does she want?

What does she want?
Why is she looking for me?
I’ve got nothing to give her
But my insanity...
And haven’t I wasted
Enough of her time?
She chose her life
So let me live mine...
We said all the things
That we had to say
What was left of our love
We threw it away...
So what does she want?
Has she come back for more?
She can’t break this heart
I’m not the same as before...
I don’t want to listen
And I don’t want to be cruel
Just leave me alone
You already made me the fool...
So what is the reason?
What the hell could it be?
That she’s come back around
Looking for me?

(art work by Pam Powell)

1 comment:

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Amigo, este poema refleja justo como me siento estos días y me pregunto ¿para qué? ¿aún más dolor? y entonces sé que ya no estoy aquí para él y que debe seguir su vida.
Un abrazo. Me alegra volver a leer tus poemas