Friday, December 31, 2010

Prolog - the video

It was late in the night... or very early in the morning... and I lay there once again wounded and ravaged (and Ravished) by her hunger and lust... and my own damn desire... she stretches out her entire body with a long emotional sigh... and lets it go limp on top of me... usually I would pick a book that is sitting on the night stand and read to her until she falls asleep, but this night... I was to weak to move... she asked me to recite her some of my poetry... which I did... and she recorded some of them... that is why I sound the way I do... enjoy... and may you all have a very happy and safe New Years Eve...


The Gaelic Wife said...

My dear Dash,
I continue to be amazed by your creativity. I may not be able to visit as often as I would like in the future. I have taken a full-time office job which begins Monday. I will try to read your moving words when I am able.
Your very devoted fan,
The Gaelic Wife

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Que el año que va a comenzar traiga hasta ti inspiración, poesía, felicidad... Lo deseo de todo corazón, amigo.
Un abrazo

Chef E said...

I too have been somewhat busy in travel and home life, but always wishing you a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

As always love the videos...I get lost in them, and write a few good poems as well!

eMi said...

Beautiful, as the new year coming for you.